About Us

Michigan Classical Press is a peer-reviewed publisher that seeks to disseminate important scholarly research in the fields of classical antiquity, classical philology, and ancient history. MCP is an independent scholarly press – it is not part of the University of Michigan. It does, however, benefit from the active scholarly climate here in the Ann Arbor community, and its editorial board includes tenured professors of classical studies. We also benefit from our location in the heart of North American short-run printing: we are within 10 miles / 16 kilometers of our printers, which means faster, cheaper production, and thus lower prices for buyers of our books.

MCP is fortunate to have the guidance of an external advisory board as well. Members of this board are full professors or senior scholars at Ph.D.-granting institutions.

MCP titles are produced according to accepted scholarly conventions. This means we use Greek type where suitable (instead of transliteration), we generally prefer footnotes rather than endnotes, and we include indices, illustrations, and such additional materials according to the needs of the book and its readers.

Similarly, we use production values that result in a well-made and long-lasting book: acid-free paper, sewn bindings, and dust jackets. Our low overhead enables us to price our titles at affordable rates.

Our titles are exhibited at the normal conferences for classical studies in the US, EU, and UK, and they are reviewed in normal classical review venues in print and online formats.

Michigan Classical Press is now in its ninth year.