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Thucydidean Narrative & Discourse

Mabel Lang's distinguished contributions to Bronze Age and Classical archaeology were matched by sensitive and original studies of Greek historical writing. This volume, edited by Jeffrey S. Rusten and Richard Hamilton, collects her articles on Thucydides and adds substantial previously unpublished material on Thucydidean thought-patterns, adaptations of Herodotean structure, and the importance of indirect speeches in his history.

Together with introductory and biographical essays by Jeffrey Rusten and Eleanor Dickey, and Miss Lang's distinguished longtime colleague Mary Patterson McPherson, these papers will enable students of historiography in general to obtain a better under-standing of how Thucydides engaged his audience.

Jeffrey S. Rusten is Professor of Classics at Cornell University. Richard Hamilton is Paul Shorey Professor Emeritus of Greek at Bryn Mawr College.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9799713-4-1; 6x9, 219 pages, $65.00